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Emergency Response Program

The Agreement in Principle (AIP) provides funding for state and local emergency responders to prepare for and respond to any scenario that could result from any credible incident at the Pantex Plant.

Communication and emergency response equipment is updated as needed and exercised on a regular basis. Emergency responders are trained how to use radiological instruments and respond to an incident involving radiological hazards. Both tabletop and full-scale exercises involving scenarios with both hazardous materials and radioactive materials are conducted with the cooperation of the Pantex Plant.

Residents living within a 10-mile emergency planning zone around the plant are offered National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radios that will warn them in the event of a Pantex incident having possible off-site consequences. A series of sirens has been erected around the Pantex perimeter to warn the public of any potential problems. The local phone book contains instructions to follow should the warning systems be activated. A calendar produced by the AIP participants contains useful information as well and is distributed to residents living within the 10-mile emergency planning zone.

Emergency Response Governmental Agencies