The Comptroller's office is committed to maintaining a level playing field for everyone doing business in Texas.

When a company intentionally violates the state's tax laws, it gains an unfair competitive advantage that harms law-abiding, taxpaying firms. The Comptroller will hold such offenders accountable and remove them from the field of play if they cannot abide by the rules.

Business and industry representatives frequently report suspected illegal conduct in violation of state tax laws. Sources include:

  • corporate security departments investigating suspicious internal behavior;
  • corporate research divisions finding suspicious decreases in product sales in a particular area;
  • industry and trade organizations noting odd trends or unethical conduct; or
  • business employees observing duplicate sets of books or the use of tax-free products for unauthorized purposes.

Here are some of the corporate partners that are helping the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) ensure that the game of commerce is played fairly in Texas:

For more information about our cooperative efforts with business and industry, email CID Chief Jim Harris or call him at 512-463-3901.