Tax crime robs you and it costs the State of Texas.

To ensure a fair and efficient tax system, a level playing field must be maintained for all taxpayers. Everyone plays a role, whether complying with state tax laws or seeing that everyone plays by the same rules.

There are four ways the public can report suspected tax fraud or criminal activity involving Texas taxes to our investigators:

  • Phone: 800-531-5441, Ext. 3-8707
  • Email
  • Mail:
    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    Attn: Criminal Investigations Division
    P.O. Box 13528
    Austin, Texas 78711-3528

Please include as much detail as possible about the suspected business or individual(s) including their:

  • name;
  • address;
  • taxpayer number (if known);
  • a brief description of the alleged illegal activity;
  • the type of state tax involved (if known); and
  • the date when the activity took place.

You may remain anonymous.

Law enforcement officers suspecting tax fraud should contact CID Chief Jim Harris at the Austin headquarters, 512-463-3901.

Note: Suspected cases of federal tax and/or Internal Revenue Service fraud should be reported to federal tax authorities.

The Texas State Auditor's Office

The State Auditor’s Office investigates allegations of misuse and/or illegal acts involving state resources. Anyone with information about the misuse or misappropriation of state resources can report this information by phone to 800-TX-AUDIT (892-8348) or use the State Auditor’s Fraud Web site.