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Your Payment Information

Get Email Notifications and Track Your Payments

Check out the Comptroller’s online application for detailed payment information. You can use this application to:

  • Sign up for Advance Payment Notification and receive an email one business day before your direct deposit payment is credited to your account. (You should always double-check the availability of funds with your financial institution.)
  • Use Search Criteria for the current and past three state fiscal years up to 1,000 results. Options include:
    • Paying Agency
    • Payment Date Range
    • Mail Code (for each mailing address or direct deposit instructions)
    • Payment Type
    • Payment Amount Range
    • Invoice Number
    • Document Number
    • Payment Number

Search State Payments Issued Tutorials

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Creating an Account:

  • Setting up an account
  • Accessing your state payment history

Payment Search Features:

  • Search payment history
  • Download data to work offline

Advanced Payment Notifications

  • Receive an email when a payment has been processed
  • Manage options, such as suspending email when you’re out

State Payments on Hold:

  • How to see if a payment was on hold when it was issued
  • Contact information for the agency that placed the hold