Michigan Resident Bidder Preference

Revised March 2, 2015

Michigan Compiled Laws, §45.85. Other things being equal, supplies offered by bidders with established local business in the county have preference in contracting for the maintenance and operation of each county office, department, and institution.

Michigan Compiled Laws, §18.1261. All other things being equal, in all purchases made by the Department of Management and Budget, preference is given to products manufactured or services offered by Michigan-based firms or by facilities with respect to which the operator is designated as a clean corporate citizen (the definition of which incorporates, pursuant to §324.1401, being "situated in Michigan").

Michigan Compiled Laws, §24.61. All printing paid for in whole or in part with state funds, except that which is printed for primary school districts, counties, townships, cities, villages, or legal publications ordered for or by elective state officers, must be printed in Michigan.


Michigan Compiled Laws, §18.1268. If the low bid for a state procurement exceeds $100,000 and is from a business located in Michigan that applies for a preference, preference is given to the Michigan business in the same manner as would be applied in the state of the out-of-state bidder.