Minnesota Resident Bidder Preference

Revised March 2, 2015

Minnesota Statutes, §16C.06. The reciprocal preference and the preferences pursuant to §16C.0725 (Recycled Materials) and §16C.16 (Small Businesses) are not cumulative.

Minnesota Statutes, §16C.16. For specified goods or services, the commissioner of administration may award up to a 6.0% preference to targeted group small businesses and veteran-owned small businesses, and may award up to 6.0% (and up to 4.0% for construction bids) to small businesses located in economically disadvantaged areas. The definition of "small business" is limited to a business with its principal place of business in Minnesota.

Minnesota Statutes, §16B.16C.073. Whenever practicable, public entities shall purchase paper which has been made on a paper machine located in Minnesota.

Minnesota Statutes, §84.025. All all-terrain vehicles purchased by the commissioner of natural resources must be manufactured in Minnesota.

Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 85, Article 6, Section 11. No solar photovoltaic module may be installed that is financed directly or indirectly, wholly or in part, with money appropriated in this act, unless the solar photovoltaic module is made in Minnesota as defined in Minnesota Statutes, §16B.323, Subdivision 1, Paragraph (b).

Minnesota Administrative Rules, 1230.0900. Preference is given to a Minnesota firm whenever a tie involves a Minnesota firm and one whose place of business is out of state.

Minnesota Administrative Rules, 1230.1810. For commodities and services, certified target group small businesses are awarded up to a 6.0% preference.

Minnesota Administrative Rules, 1230.1830. For commodities and services, economically disadvantaged small businesses are awarded up to 6.0% preference. For construction projects, economically disadvantaged small businesses are awarded up to 4.0% preference.


Minnesota Statutes, §16C.06. A resident vendor is allowed a preference over a nonresident vendor equal to the preference given or required by the state of the nonresident vendor.