South Carolina Resident Bidder Preference

Revised March 2, 2015

South Carolina Code, §11-35-1520. In a tie bid for contract, preference is given to South Carolina firms first and to or South Carolina produced or manufactured products second.

South Carolina Code, §12-28-2930. In awarding highway construction contracts, preference is given to a South Carolina contractor if the bid is not more than 2.5% than an out-of-state bid.

South Carolina Code, §11-35-3215. When qualifications are equal, South Carolina resident design service (architect-engineer, construction management, or land surveying service) provider must be selected if a resident and nonresident firm are otherwise equally qualified.

South Carolina Code, §11-35-1524. The price of any offer for a product made, manufactured, or grown in South Carolina is decreased by 7.0%. The price of a bidder's price is decreased by 7.0% if the bidder maintains an office in South Carolina and either

  • (i) maintains at a location in South Carolina at the time of the bid an inventory of expendable items which are representative of the general type of commodities on which the award will be made and which have a minimum total value, based on the bid price, equal to the lesser of fifty thousand dollars or the annual amount of the contract;
  • (ii) is a manufacturer headquartered and having an annual payroll of at least one million dollars in South Carolina and the end product is made or processed from raw materials into a finished end product by that manufacturer or its affiliate (as defined in Section 1563 of the Internal Revenue Code); or
  • (iii) at the time of bidding, directly employs or has a documented commitment with individuals domiciled in South Carolina that will perform services expressly required by the solicitation and the total direct labor cost to bidder for those individuals to provide those services exceeds 50% of the bidder's total bid price.
This section does not apply to competitive sealed proposals, motor vehicle purchases, acquisition of supplies or services relating to construction, procurements valued at $10,000 or less. Under no circumstances may the cumulative preferences applied to the price of a line item exceed 10%.