Vermont Resident Bidder Preference

Revised September 10, 2020

Title 29: Public Property and Supplies
Chapter 2: Art in State Buildings
Section 46: Use of funds

(a) Project sites that are funded from an appropriation or appropriations in one or more annual capital construction acts, shall be eligible for consideration by the advisory committee for the installation of one or more permanent works of art. For a project expected to receive capital appropriations from more than one capital construction act, eligibility may be determined by the estimated total cost of the project after the initial appropriation is made. In recommending a project site to the advisory committee, the Commissioner shall give priority to buildings and facilities that are frequently visited by members of the public.

(b) Priority in acquisitions and commissions of works of art shall be given to Vermont artists.

Title 3 Appendix: Executive orders
Chapter 003: Executive
Executive Order No. 3-75

…After consideration of all relevant factors, a bidder that adheres to the above best practices shall be given favorable consideration in the competitive bidding process. Favorable consideration shall be consistent with and not supersede any Secretary of Administration guidance that, all other considerations being equal, preference will be given to resident bidders of the State and/or products raised or manufactured in the State.