Review of Major Contract Solicitations


To facilitate the process of major contract solicitation review by Contract Advisory Team (CAT), state agencies must submit their:

  • Solicitation documents(s) - A solicitation document includes but is not limited to a Request for Proposal (RFP), Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Application (RFA), Request for Offer (RFO), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), etc;
  • Any other documents as supplemented to the solicitation or incorporated by reference into or as part of the solicitation.

The reviews are conducted from a contract management and business perspective. A typical review will include suggestion on best contracting practices, contract risk identifications and mitigation suggestions. The review process looks to identify that agencies have tools in place to track vendor performance, measure success and ensure the state is getting what it's asking for. A typical review may take up to thirty days to complete. If the agency does not receive a response from the CAT within thirty days, the agency may not proceed with issuance of its solicitation. Publishing a solicitation without receiving a letter from CAT may result in an audit finding.

Submitting your Solicitations for a CAT Review

Solicitation documents should be sent to the CAT for review through the Procurement Oversight & Delegation web application. Upon receiving the major contract solicitation documents, the CAT will send the submitting agency an acknowledgement e-mail that confirms receipt of the solicitation and provides a web link to view the status of the review.

In order to avoid impeding the agency's procurement process, state agencies should submit their major contract solicitation document(s) after final agency approval or for some state agencies, after final executive-level approval, (final executive-level approval may be necessary for some major contract solicitation documents, especially for IT related solicitations - see the DIR IT Project Delivery Framework).

Guidelines for Submissions

If the initial major contract solicitation document submitted to the CAT changes substantially, agencies are required to resubmit their solicitation document(s) for CAT review. Changes in the major contract solicitation are considered substantial when:

  • the solicitation change caused the estimated value for the original term of the contract (including any renewal periods) to increase by 25% or more;
  • there are significant revisions, deletions and/or additions to the specifications, statement of work SOW, set(s) of deliverables, and/or performance measures, payment methodology, etc

The CAT recommends all appropriate agency personnel incorporate the thirty calendar day CAT review period into their procurement schedule to avoid potential delays to the agency's solicitation, evaluation, and award process.

Should the CAT request the initiating agency to submit a more complete major contract solicitation draft or require clarification, the 30 day turn around time restarts when the CAT receives all the information needed in order to conduct its review.

For comments or suggestions regarding the use of the Procurement Oversight & Delegation application, please contact: spd.oversight@cpa.texas.gov | 512-463-1138