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NIGP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NIGP?

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code, developed by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, is used by the state of Texas to classify procurements, and match potential vendors with the state’s needs. The Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) and Texas Department of Information Resources also use the NIGP code to help purchasers source commodities and services through statewide contracts.

How is the NIGP organized?

Class Codes 001 to 899 are commodities/products and 900 to 999 are services.

Commodity Codes:

025-43: Compressor: High Pressure, All Sizes and Models.
204-53: Microcomputers, Desktop or Tower based.

Service Codes:

918-21: Business Consulting
968-66: Right of Way Services, Including Title, Relocation, Condemnation, etc.

How do I find my NIGP code?

Search by “keyword” or class. The codes use a two-part naming system; the first three digits are the class number, and the last two are the item number. The three-digit class number denotes the general category for the item or service the purchaser requires. The two-digit item number denotes the item or items that fall under the class number. Some item numbers include more than one item description. A class number can include several items that have the same basic function but belong in the class and item number.

If I cannot find a specific class and item number for the products or services I provide, how can I determine which numbers to select for the registration process?

If you need help identifying which class and item codes are applicable to your company, email the CMBL Help Desk or call at 512-463-3459.

How do I add or remove NIGP Code(s) in my vendor profile?

Login into the Comptroller’s eSystems portal to access your CMBL vendor profile. Scroll down to the Class Section, select the edit button, select the class and then select add or remove.

Are NIGP codes the same as a NAICS codes?

No. The North American Industry Classification System or NAICS is a classification of businesses by type of economic activity. The NIGP code is a universal taxonomy for identifying commodities and services in procurement systems.

How many NIGP codes can I list on my vendor profile?

While there is no limit to the number of NIGP Codes a vendor can select, vendors should only select class and item codes closest to the actual products or services that can be provided.

What code support is available to state agencies and Texas SmartBuy members?

State agencies or Texas SmartBuy Members may access the NIGP Living Code under the annual site license obtained by SPD. Each agency is allowed one free agency account with the capability to add multiple users. If you anticipate having multiple users logged in concurrently, you may want to purchase additional seats from NIGP. Living Code features include:

  • Real-time access to correct state of Texas commodity or service class and items.
  • Standardization of generally accepted specifications.
  • Support for inventory management and procurement planning and management.

To set up your entity's Living Code access or to set up new commodity codes for government entity use, please email the NIGP coordinator or call 512-463-3459.