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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Charge Card Program Administrator FAQ

General Program Questions

What types of cards will be available for us to consider in setting up a program with Citi?

Citi provides numerous card types and based on your needs, may suggest payment cards for procurement, travel cards or ghost cards. Alternative card products can include Declining Balance Cards, Travel Advance Cards and Virtual Cards. The Program Administrator should discuss potential needs with their Citi Account Manager.

If we establish a centrally billed account and need to change to individual billing at a later date, what would be involved?

Citi would proceed with a mini-implementation to build the appropriate hierarchy structure in our system to enable the setup of the new cards for the individuals. This should not take more than two weeks to complete with cards mailed at the end of that period.

What is the training available for Cardholders, Accounts Payable, Managers and Program Administrators?

Citi offers multiple training opportunities including on-site, webinars and online self tutorials.  Go to Citi’s Program Administrator Training to view monthly webinars available.  On-site training for your entity can be requested by contacting one of the client account managers below:
Brian D. Smith | 214-579-9574
Todd William Pardee | 512-677-5542
Sandra B. Alvarado | 832-282-1859

Will we be able to opt out of receiving paper statements and have statement delivery via email or through CitiManager instead?

Yes, paper statements can be turned off in lieu of online statements via CitiManager.

CitiManager System Questions

Does the CitiManager system allow for delegate assignment to a group of cardholders?

Yes, there are roles that can be assigned with specific entitlement controls.

Does the system provide cross departmental/divisional assignment flexibility for delegates and approvers?

Yes, cross departmental approval and maintenance is available with Citi's platform.

What spending controls are available?

Citi has numerous spending controls available, including MCC, Cycle Limit, Single Transaction, and Daily or Cycle usage limits.

Does the system provide the capability for the user to create a cost chain dependency that minimizes account coding errors?

Yes, the reallocation system allows users to build cross-validation and drop down entry to control accounting code designations.

Does the system allow for preauthorization of travel in the system?

No, this functionality is currently not available.

What type of real time access is available to the administrator?

Program Administrators have the ability to execute real time maintenance functions.

Is it possible to have a second or third approver on a transaction?

(Currently we have the ability to have only one approver, which means the approver is self approving any transactions that they had someone do on their behalf.)

Yes, the Citi platform does allow a second level of approver on a transaction.

Am I able to import my cardholder list at start up?

Yes, there are multiple templates you can use to import lists, including manager, cardholder, delegate, and others.

Can I choose a billing period to match our accounting period?

The billing period has been pre-defined by the State of Texas, and will end on the 3rd of each month.

Am I able to import my approval hierarchy at start up?

Part of the implementation setup process includes the hierarchy and approval entitlements.

Can I link invoices and other scanned documents to transactions?

This functionality is currently not available.

Can I set up automatic exports and downloads to run at the end of each billing cycle?

Yes, this functionality is available through CitiManager.

Travel Cards

What are "Single-Use" and "Multi-use" travel cards?

Multi-use cards have the functionality to be refreshed and therefore used multiple times. .

Single use travel cards have a fixed activity length (10 days recommended by the State) Citi inputs the beginning date, soft close at the end date, and then Citi must manually close the account.


Can a designated user (e.g., Purchasing Manager) report across all departments, rather than one at a time?

Yes, designated users can have the ability to obtain reporting across all departments they are entitled to view, provided that their Program Administrator has reporting access to the respective hierarchy.

Can I generate an annual (or as requested) budget report showing all travel expense items?

Yes, designated users have the ability to obtain transaction information for accounts and/or across departments. Date ranges can be entered as a filter in your report request.

Is ad hoc reporting available?

Yes, CitiManager has both standard reports and the ability to create custom, ad hoc reports.

Data Inquiry

Am I able to tie invoices to vendors and then search for invoices by vendor and vendors by invoices?

Yes, through the reallocation functionality through CitiManager.

Printing on Cards

Do we have the option of multi-color printing on our cards?

All State Agencies will use the standard plastic (card) available with the State logo in black.

If a University or CO-OP entity requests to have their own logo created in 2 or more colors, the plastic is considered a custom plastic and the entity will be responsible for the cost of creating the plastics.