State Travel Management Program Commonly Used Terms

  • City-Pair - A one-way airline flight between two cities, from origin to destination, regardless of stopovers or connections.
  • Discount Rate - A price for a travel service established by the State Travel Management Program (STMP).
  • Exception - Apply to the use of any contract travel service and may be required on payment documentation for reimbursement. (see T.A.C. § 20.303)
  • State of Texas Contract Rate - The rate travelers should ask for when making reservations for services and when obtaining those services from the contract airlines, rental car companies, and lodging establishments. It is the traveler's responsibility to ensure the rate given is correct during the reservation/booking process.
  • Transient Travel - Travel by an individual passing through a destination for a short stay; not joining others to participate in a convention or group meeting in which the lodging facility is participating.
  • Traveler - A person who, under Section 125.1 of the Statewide Procurement Division's (SPD) travel rules, is eligible to use the contract services or rates including those eligible pursuant to the Comptroller's Travel Allowance Guide.