Debarred Vendor List

The following vendors shown below are debarred from doing business with the State of Texas, effective from the date of debarment for the length of time indicated. Whether they are listed below or not, the debarred vendors include the vendors' successors in interest as defined in TAC 34 20.585.

Vendor ID Number Vendor Name/Address Date of Debarment Length of Debarment
1760677671800 Texas Code Blue
5550 Eastex Fwy, Suite # L
Beaumont, TX 77708-5300
October 24, 2016 5 Years

Download Debarred Vendor List (PDF).

Federal Exclusion

Agencies and Texas Smartbuy members may wish to check the list of vendors excluded from doing business on the federal level. The System for Award Management, or SAM, can be used as a resource for purchasing entities.

According to Statewide Procurement Division rules, other debarment activities from other entities may be considered as possible indicators of vendor responsibility.

Vendor Information on Payments

The Search State Payments Issued application provides vendors with payment details.

They can also sign up in the application for Advance Payment Notification.

Texas Government Code §2155.077

Texas Administrative Code: 34 TAC §20.101, §20.102, §20.105, §20.106 and §20.107.