HUB Certification Agreements


In order to maximize the number of certified historically underutilized businesses (HUBs), the Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) pursues certification agreements with local governments and nonprofit organizations in Texas that certify businesses under substantially the same definition as a HUB and meet certification standards as defined by SPD.

Certification Agreements

Texas-based minority and woman-owned businesses that are certified with an organization listed below may automatically receive HUB certification if:

  • the certifying entity determines that the business is HUB-eligible; and
  • the certifying entity submits the business' information to the Statewide HUB Program for approval and inclusion in the HUB Directory.


A business must be listed in the directory in order to be recognized as a HUB. For more information, please contact SPD's Statewide HUB Program toll-free at 888-863-5881.

Additional Information

Note that not all business certified with local governments and non-profit organizations (certifying entities) may meet the HUB eligibility criteria.

As part of the certification agreement, the certifying entities will determine if the businesses certified into their programs are eligible for HUB certification. If eligible, the certifying entities will submit the business' information to the Statewide HUB Program for automatic certification as a HUB and registration into the HUB Directory.

HUB certification is valid for the period of time equal to the certifying entity's certification (not to exceed four year increments). In order for a business to retain its status as a HUB, it must remain certified in the certifying entity's program and certifying entity must continue to submit the business' information acknowledging that the business meets the HUB eligibility criteria.

Certifying entities are scheduled to submit their data file to the statewide HUB Program by the 10th of each month. After the information has been uploaded, the Statewide HUB Program will mail the newly certified (and re-certified) HUBs a orientation package, including a HUB Certificate and HUB Brochure (PDF) identifying valuable online resources.

For additional information regarding Certification Agreements, please call 512-463-5872.