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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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TeleFile888-4-FILING (888-434-5464)

You can satisfy certain sales tax filing requirements by phone. TeleFile takes the place of filing a paper return for those with no taxable sales to report.

File electronically twice – using TeleFile or Webfile – and we will no longer send you paper returns.

TeleFile is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have difficulty with the system, your call will be transferred to our tax specialist call center, which is available during normal business hours.

Use TeleFile to:

  • File Form 01-117, Texas Sales and Use Tax Return - Short Form (PDF) if you have zero taxable sales and zero tax due. You may use TeleFile even if total sales are greater than zero if no taxes are due.
  • File Form 01-114, Texas Sales and Use Tax Return (PDF) if you have zero total sales, zero taxable sales and zero tax due.
  • File a past due sales tax report if you received an estimated billing but had no sales for that period.
  • Change your filing status from monthly to quarterly, or quarterly to yearly, if eligible. You'll receive notification from us if you qualify to change your filing status.

To use TeleFile, you need:

  • your 11-digit Texas taxpayer number
  • how often you file (monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • what period you are filing for
  • total sales (must be zero if you are filing long form)
  • taxable sales (must be zero)
  • your telephone number

At the end of the call, you receive a confirmation number as documentation that you have satisfied filing requirements for the period.

You can file for multiple periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I file by TeleFile?
  • TeleFile guarantees that the data you report updates to our system electronically.
  • TeleFile eliminates the need for you to file a paper return.
  • TeleFile saves time and money by avoiding the costs of processing paper returns.
What is my filing type?

Filing type refers to the frequency of filing - whether you file monthly, quarterly or yearly. If you receive a preprinted tax report from our office, your filing type for the current period can be found in "box d".

Filing type is confidential information that you must provide when you TeleFile. If you don't know how frequently you file, you can call us at 800-442-3453 or email us.

How do I enter the filing period using TeleFile?

For a yearly report, enter the two-digit year that represents the year for which you are filing. Enter 16 for 2016.

For a quarterly report, enter a three-digit number. The first two digits are the year; the third digit is the quarter. The quarters are based on a calendar year. For:

  • January through March, enter 1
  • April through June, enter 2
  • July through September, enter 3
  • October through December, enter 4

If you are filing a report for April through June of 2017, you will enter 172 at the prompt.

For a monthly report, you will enter a four-digit number. The first two digits are the year; the third and fourth digits are the month.

If you are filing a report for August of 2017, you will enter 1708 at the prompt.

What is the difference between short form and long form filers?

Short form filers have one active location and do not report local sales taxes for jurisdictions outside their business location

Long form filers have multiple active locations, or have one location but report local sales tax for multiple jurisdictions.

Are there limitations on how many old reports I can file via TeleFile?
  • Yearly filers can file two years' worth of old returns.
  • Quarterly filers can file four quarters back.
  • Monthly filers can file returns that were due within the past six months.
What happens if I make errors while TeleFiling?

If you make an error while TeleFiling – like entering your taxpayer number incorrectly – the system will give you two opportunities to correct that error.

On the third attempt, the system will take one of two actions:

  • During normal business hours (7:30 am - 5:30 pm), your call will be routed to a tax specialist in our Tax Policy Division.
  • Outside normal business hours, you will be told to call for assistance when the office reopens.
I called the TeleFile number using my touch-tone phone and received an error message.

On some touch-tone phones, there is a button for you to select the pulse or touch-tone option. TeleFile only works when the touch-tone option is selected.

If I TeleFile, do I still need to send in paper copies of the return?

No. If you successfully complete the call and receive a confirmation number, there is no need to submit a paper report.

Remember, if you file electronically twice, using TeleFile or Webfile, we will no longer send you paper returns.