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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Approved Franchise Tax Preparation Software Providers for 2022

Generating Forms and Filing Franchise Tax Online

Taxpayers and tax preparers: the software providers listed below are approved for:

  • electronic submissions for franchise tax report years 2010 through 2022
  • original printable reports filed for franchise tax report years 2010 through 2022

The software developer, distributor and user are responsible for how data are gathered and processed through the software programs. Questions about a provider's products should be directed to the provider.

DISCLAIMER: Software providers are listed in alphabetical order and are not affiliated with the state of Texas. The Comptroller's office does not endorse any software company, its products or services.

Amended Returns Submission

Amended returns must be submitted on printed forms and not electronically through your software. Software from a 2022 approved provider will print the word AMENDED on each form. If it does not, type or print the phrase “Amended Report.” Send the report with a letter of explanation and all enclosures necessary to support the amendment to:

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
P.O Box 149348
Austin, Texas 78714

If the amended report is a request for refund, see the requirements.

TEXNET Submissions

If the taxpayer is required to make franchise tax payments using TEXNET, the payment cannot be submitted through vendor software. TEXNET mandatory accounts are required to submit electronic payments through the TEXNET system.

Software Provider Approval

The Comptroller's office must approve substitute Texas Franchise Tax forms created by third-party vendors (computerized tax processors, commercial printers, software producers, payroll and other companies or individuals).

Our automated system cannot process substitute tax forms and schedules that are generated using unapproved software. Customers who submit forms from an unapproved company may be required to resubmit approved forms.

The Comptroller's office grants approval based on the type of submission:

  • For electronic submissions, a software provider or a single reporting entity must successfully transmit through our Franchise Tax Web Service.
  • For printable forms generated by provider software, approval is based on placement of the data on the forms, the form calculations and the values populated in the 2D barcode.

For comments or questions about the paper filing process, email us at

Approved Software Providers for Electronic Submission

The Comptroller's office gave software providers an opportunity to add electronic submission and rapid error processing for 2022 reporting. The approved providers designed software to meet all current business rules and requirements.

Read more.

Preparers can successfully submit a submission to their software provider, but that does not mean it has successfully processed through the Comptroller's office. If the submission is not successfully processed, the Comptroller's office will notify the software provider. It is the responsibility of tax preparers to monitor their submissions through their software providers for any returned error messages.

Electronic Submission Feature Helps Preparers:

  • A tax preparer can electronically submit reports and payments in one transaction.
  • Preparers receive timely enhanced error validations and feedback from their software provider, rather than months later from their clients.
  • Preparers can track processing and, if necessary, resubmit rejected returns with corrected data.
  • The new error validation option offers large combined groups line by line error identification on their affiliate schedule for return accuracy.

Last Update: Feb. 24, 2022

Provider Company Name Software Package Supported Report Years
CCH Small Firm ServicesATX2008 - 2022
Corptax, Inc.CSC Corptax2008 - 2022
Crosslink Professional Tax SolutionsCrossLink2008 - 2022
CS Professional SuiteUltraTax CS2008 - 2022
Drake SoftwareDrake Software2008 - 2022
HRB Development, LLCBlockWorks2008 - 2022
IntuitLacerte2008 - 2022
IntuitProConnect Tax Online2008 - 2022
IntuitProSeries2008 - 2022
IntuitTurboTax Business2008 - 2022
On-Line Taxes, Inc.OLTPro Desktop and OLTPro Web2008 - 2022
TaxAct, Inc.TaxAct2008 - 2022
TaxSlayerTaxSlayer Pro2008 - 2022
Tax Technologies, Inc.Tax Series2008 - 2022
Thomson Reuters (Tax and Accounting), Inc.GoSystem 1120 and 10652008 - 2022
Thomson Reuters (Tax and Accounting), Inc.Onesource 1120 and 10652008 - 2022
Universal Tax Systems, Inc.TaxWise2008 - 2022
Wolters KluwerCCH ProSystemfx2008 - 2022

Approved Software Providers for Franchise Printable Forms

Tax Forms Software - Printing Requirements

Read more.
  • A 2D barcode should print in the lower portion of each form directly below the words “Texas Comptroller Official Use Only.” Contact your software provider if your forms do not print a 2D barcode.
  • For all original reports, version title “TX2022” should print in the upper left corner on every form, with the approved version number “Ver. 13.X” printed directly below. See the approved version number created by the Comptroller's office in the provider table on this page. If the approved version number printed on your forms does not match the version number listed in the table, contact your provider or download the provider's latest software.
  • Some providers' software only supports report years 2011 - 2022. If you are preparing a report for previous years, you should ensure your software provider supports those years.

Last Update: March 23, 2022

Provider Company Name Software Package Report Years Supported by Software Provider ID Approved Version Number
Advanced Tax Solutions, LLC 2011 - 2022 1937 Ver. 13.0
CORPTAX, Inc. Corptax 2010 - 2022 1023 Ver. 13.0
CrossLink Professional Tax Solutions, LLC CrossLink 2010 - 2022 1037 Ver. 13.0
CS Professional Suite UltraTax CS, Onvio Tax 2010 - 2022 1022 Ver. 13.0
Drake Software Drake Software 2012 - 2022 1024 Ver. 13.0
HRB Development, LLC BlockWorks 2011 - 2022 2029 Ver. 13.0
Intuit Lacerte 2010 - 2022 1032 Ver. 13.0
Intuit ProConnect Tax Online 2010 - 2022 7011 Ver. 13.0
Intuit TTBiz 2010 - 2022 7010 Ver. 13.0
Intuit Inc. ProSeries 2010 - 2022 1030 Ver. 13.0
On-Line Taxes, Inc. OLTPro Desktop and OLTPro Web 2010 - 2022 1211 Ver. 13.0
STF Services Corporation SuperForm 2010 - 2022 1039 Ver. 13.0
TaxAct, Inc. TaxAct 2011 - 2022 1064 Ver. 13.0
TaxSlayer TaxSlayer Pro 2010 - 2022 1038 Ver. 13.0
Tax Technologies, Inc Tax Series 2010 - 2022 1259 Ver. 13.0
Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting), Inc. e-Form 2010 - 2022 1062 Ver. 13.0
Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting), Inc. GoSystem RS - 1065 2011 - 2022 7003 Ver. 13.0
Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting), Inc. GoSystem RS - 1120 2010 - 2022 7001 Ver. 13.0
Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting), Inc. Onesource - 1065 2011 - 2022 7004 Ver. 13.0
Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting), Inc. Onesource - 1120 2010 - 2022 7002 Ver. 13.0
Universal Tax Systems ATX 2010 - 2022 1833 Ver. 13.0
Universal Tax Systems TaxWise 2010 - 2022 1045 Ver. 13.0
Wolters Kluwer Prosystemfx Axcess 2010 - 2022 1019 Ver. 13.0