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Franchise Tax Web Service for Software Developers and Transmitters

What is Franchise Tax Web Service?

Franchise tax web service enables vendors and qualified entities to develop software using XML schemas for securely transmitting franchise tax reports and payments. The Texas franchise tax XML schema is modeled after the IRS MeF XML efile structure utilizing TIGERS standards.

This service establishes a paperless process and provides quicker responses about recoverable return errors to the preparer. This approach decreases the time needed for return preparation, return correction and provides a better service to our taxpayers.

Who can participate?

Software vendors (tax software developers) may design this software as a product for any Texas franchise tax reporting entity. View the latest software transmission providers.

Qualified franchise tax reporting entities with IT departments may develop this software for use by their own accounting departments.

How does it work?

Franchise tax web service provides XML schemas for use in developing software.

  1. First, the software developer must register with the Comptroller’s office as a “Transmitter”.
  2. Once approved, the Comptroller’s office provides the developer with the necessary documentation and schemas. Further details will be provided once the developer becomes a registered transmitter.
  3. Completed software must be tested and approved by the Comptroller’s office before an official public release.

Register as a Transmitter

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