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Arbitrators by County of Residence

This list is used by the Comptroller's office for assigning arbitrators to arbitration cases received and accepted by the Comptroller's office on or after Sept. 1, 2017. This list is sorted by county of residence and include the counties in which the arbitrator is ineligible to hear cases, if any. If a county is not listed below, no arbitrators are listed in the Comptroller's registry that reside in that county.

Tax Code Section 41A.07 requires arbitration cases to first be assigned to arbitrators residing within the county where the arbitration request was filed. If no arbitrators reside in the county where the request was filed, or if all arbitrators residing in the county decline the case, the arbitration is open to be assigned from a statewide list of eligible arbitrators. Not all arbitrators are eligible in all counties during statewide selection