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Appraisal District Public Information Packet 2024

The Comptroller's Appraisal District Public Information Packet includes news releases, articles and radio public service announcements (PSAs) that your local newspaper, radio or TV station can use, including an optional, combined version of all the press releases: Updated Property Tax Information Now Available for Texas Taxpayers (PDF).

Protest Information for Taxpayers

The Comptroller's Taxpayer Assistance Pamphlet (PDF) required by Tax Code Section 5.06 informs taxpayers about how to protest their property value. Appraisal districts may use this publication to comply with:

  • Tax Code Section 25.19(i) by including it with notices of appraised value; and
  • Tax Code Section 41.461 by delivering it to property owners protesting before appraisal review boards or their agents.

Publishing and Printing Requirements

Tax Code Section 41.70 requires the chief appraiser to publish notice of protest and appeal procedures in a newspaper having general circulation in the county. The notice may not be smaller than one-quarter page of a standard-size or tabloid-size newspaper and may not be published in the part of the paper in which legal notices and classified advertisements appear. Comptroller Rule 9.3064 requires the headline of the published notice be in 18-point type or larger and the body copy be in 10-point type or larger. The Comptroller's model notice is Form 50-195, Property Tax Protest and Appeal Procedures (PDF) and is also available in Spanish (PDF).

The following are sample releases of information for use by local newspapers. Please feel free to modify the materials to fit local needs.

Samples Releases and Articles
Tax Code RequirementSample Newspaper Release or Article
5.06Taxpayer Assistance Pamphlet Available (PDF)
11.44Homestead Exemptions (PDF)
11.44Disabled Veteran Exemptions (PDF)
11.44Non-Profits, Some Business Exemptions (PDF)
22.21Rendering Property (PDF)
23.43, 23.54, 23.75, 23.9804Agricultural Productivity Appraisal (PDF)
25.19Appraisal Notices for the Tax Year (PDF)
26.04Information on Property Taxes Available Online (PDF)
33.06Deferral of Taxes by Elderly & Disabled Homeowners or Disabled Veterans (PDF)
33.065Deferral of Taxes on Appreciating Residence Homesteads (PDF)
41.41Property Owner Protest Hearings (PDF)
CombinedUpdated Property Tax Information Now Available For Texas Taxpayers (PDF)

The following are sample public service announcements (PSAs) for use by radio and TV stations. Please feel free to modify the materials to fit local needs.

Samples Public Service Announcements
SubjectPSA Radio ScriptPSA Audio for RadioPSA for Print Media (English) PSA for Print Media (Spanish)
Taxpayer Assistance Pamphlet (PDF)
Audio File 98-465 (PDF) 98-465s (PDF)
Rendering Property(PDF)
Audio File 98-466 (PDF) 98-466s (PDF)
Homestead Exemptions(PDF)
Audio File98-467 (PDF) 98-467s (PDF)
Agricultural Productivity Appraisal (PDF)
Audio File98-468 (PDF) 98-468s (PDF)

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