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Appraisal District Ratio Study Results

Tax Code Section 5.10 requires the Comptroller's office to conduct a ratio study to measure the performance of each appraisal district in Texas at least once every two years and to publish the results.

The purpose of the Appraisal District Ratio Study is to measure the uniformity and median level of appraisals performed by an appraisal district within each major category of property.

To conduct the Appraisal District Ratio Study, the Comptroller’s office applies appropriate standard statistical analysis techniques to data collected through the school district property value study required by Government Code Section 403.302.

The published report provides ratio study results for each appraisal district studied that year and includes:

  • the median levels of appraisal for each major property category;
  • the coefficient of dispersion around the median level of appraisal for each major property category; and
  • other appropriate statistical measures.
Ratio Study Annual Results Date Results Posted CAD Summary Worksheets Report
2023 Jan. 31, 2024 2023 CAD Summary Worksheet
2022 Sept. 11, 2023 2022 CAD Summary Worksheet 2022 Report (PDF)
2021 Aug. 15, 2022 2021 CAD Summary Worksheet 2021 Report (PDF)
2020 Aug. 16, 2021
2019 Aug. 28, 2020