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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

transparencyState Revenue and Spending

Monthly State Revenue WatchAll Funds (Excluding Trust)

Fiscal 2022

Updated October 2021

Data on net state revenue collections across all funds are presented below, by month of collection and type of revenue source. The report shows state revenues (both tax and non-tax) accruing to the state’s various funds and accounts, including the the General Revenue Fund, the Available School Fund, the State Highway Fund and the Property Tax Relief Fund, among others.

Not shown are revenues held outside the State Treasury in suspense funds and trust funds, such as the Unemployment Trust Fund. The state holds assets in trust funds in a trustee capacity for individuals, private organizations or other governmental entities. Consequently, they are not available to the Legislature for appropriation. An example of trust funds are those that temporarily hold local sales taxes, collected by the Comptroller’s office along with state sales tax, prior to their allocation back to cities, counties or transit authorities.

Monthly Collections and Percent Change from Previous Year

Tax Collections by Major TaxSeptember
TotalPercent change
Current vs. Last Year
BRE Fiscal Year Estimate
Sales Taxes3,145,2133,145,21322.25%36,370,912
Percentage Change22.25% 
Motor Vehicle Sales and Rental Taxes547,399547,39920.50%5,468,996
Percentage Change20.50% 
Motor Fuel Taxes321,253321,2539.22%3,656,236
Percentage Change9.22% 
Franchise Tax33,32133,321-31.24%4,784,000
Percentage Change-31.24% 
Oil Production Tax391,792391,79272.22%4,109,143
Percentage Change72.22% 
Insurance Taxes31,06631,06619.17%2,872,783
Percentage Change19.17% 
Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes61,15261,152-53.16%1,219,000
Percentage Change-53.16% 
Natural Gas Production Tax251,838251,838254.96%2,036,918
Percentage Change254.96% 
Alcoholic Beverages Taxes121,979121,97956.49%1,427,000
Percentage Change56.49% 
Hotel Occupancy Tax51,45351,45350.43%466,531
Percentage Change50.43% 
Utility Taxes12,6222,622-24.45%498,766
Percentage Change-24.45% 
Other Taxes2-93,403-93,403-1,872.86%229,711
Percentage Change-1,872.86% 
Total Tax Collections4,865,6884,865,68823.32%63,139,996
Percentage Change23.32% 

Revenue SourceSeptember
TotalPercent change
Current vs. Last Year
BRE Fiscal Year Estimate
Total Tax Collections4,865,6884,865,68823.32%63,139,996
Percentage Change23.32% 
Federal Income4,565,4134,565,413-23.64%78,604,068
Percentage Change-23.64% 
Licenses, Fees, Fines, and Penalties695,670695,6702.77%6,307,858
Percentage Change2.77% 
State Health Service Fees and Rebates321,68821,688183.89%7,536,138
Percentage Change183.89% 
Net Lottery Proceeds4284,432284,43210.54%2,566,046
Percentage Change10.54% 
Land Income276,801276,80196.26%2,011,094
Percentage Change96.26% 
Interest and Investment Income31,57231,572-89.04%2,149,555
Percentage Change-89.04% 
Settlements of Claims4,5414,541-79.75%546,423
Percentage Change-79.75% 
Escheated Estates27,75127,75149.47%719,788
Percentage Change49.47% 
Sales of Goods and Services19,74619,746-46.65%261,705
Percentage Change-46.65% 
Other Revenue103,732103,732-14.43%3,993,113
Percentage Change-14.43% 
Total Net Revenue10,897,03310,897,033-5.20%167,835,784
Percentage Change-5.20% 

Note: Amounts of Monthly Collections are in thousands $. Sums may not total due to rounding.

1 Includes public utility gross receipts assessment, gas, electric and water utility tax and gas utility pipeline tax.

2 Includes taxes not separately identified.

3 Includes various health-related service fees and rebates that were previously in “license, fees, fines and penalties” or in other non-tax revenue categories.

4 Gross sales less retailer commission and the smaller prizes paid by retailers.

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