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TxDOT logoThe Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has teamed up with the Comptroller's office to shed more light on how taxpayer dollars are spent and grant money is awarded throughout Texas. We have received many requests regarding TxDOT expenditure details and are interested in any additional feedback Texans wish to submit via our survey or via direct communication to any of the TxDOT report contacts listed below.

Grant Awards Search Tools

View TxDOT total grant awards by grant type, entity and life-to-date expenditures. Data is updated monthly.

Grant Search Tool Report Details TxDOT Links
Aviation Search TxDOT's Aviation Division assists cities and counties applying for, receiving and disbursing federal and state funds for reliever and general aviation airports. Search results will display grant allocations for Airport Improvement Grants. TxDOT Aviation Division
Aviation Capital Improvement Program
Planning and Programming Search TxDOT's Transportation Planning and Programming Division administers Section 5303 funds in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration 112 planning (PL112) funds. Search results will display allocation of these funds to Texas metropolitan planning organizations for transit or highway planning studies. TxDOT Transportation Planning and Programming Division
Public Transportation Grants Overview (see Planning and Research)
Public Transportation Search TxDOT's Public Transportation Division provides assistance to the state's public transit providers and administers a number of federal grant programs, as well as state dollars appropriated for transit projects. Search results will display allocations for Capital Investment Grants, Rural and Urban Public Transportation State Grants, Statewide Transportation Planning Grants, Formula Grants for Special Needs of Elderly Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities and more. TxDOT Public Transportation Division
Public Transportation Grants Overview
Traffic Safety Search Texas Traffic Safety grants support highway safety efforts and programs to reduce the number and severity of vehicular crashes throughout the state. Search results will display state, local and non-profit entities that have received traffic safety grants. TxDOT Traffic Operations Division
Traffic Safety Grants Application Information

TxDOT Stimulus Projects

View a list of TxDOT projects paid for with federal stimulus funds.

Budget and Expenditures Search Tools

Track TxDOT expenditures against budget appropriations. Data is updated nightly.

Search TxDOT Expenditures by Agency Strategy and Fund

This search tool expands the existing "Expenditures by Agency Strategy" search by adding a breakdown for the appropriation expenditures by agency fund including four years of expenditures. TxDOT uses this report to compare its actual expenditures to its internal agency budgets.

Search TxDOT Appropriations Balances

View remaining budgets at an appropriation and agency fund level. TxDOT uses this report to maintain the correct budget and cash balances to meet upcoming program expenditures. Prior fiscal periods can be selected for this report to analyze historical data.

The report calculates two budget balances:

  • Remaining Encumbered Basis Budget — shows the appropriated budget remaining after subtracting cash expenditures, accrued expenditures and encumbrances.
  • Appropriation Encumbered Cash Available — shows the appropriation cash remaining after subtracting cash expenditures, accrued expenditures and encumbrances. Appropriation cash is increased by the cash revenues attached to the appropriation budget.

The report also calculates the average monthly cash expenditures for each appropriation and, based on this average, the number of months of budget remaining.

Appropriation budgets are controlled at the appropriated fund level, which may include one or more of the funds associated with the appropriation. By comparison, the Agency Appropriation Budget vs. Actual Expenditures report calculates an adjusted budget amount and displays the corresponding cash expenditures by fiscal year. It does not calculate a remaining budget or take accrued expenditures or encumbrances into consideration.

Payment Transactions Search Tools

Search TxDOT expenditures by broad spending categories and purchasing code designations. Data is updated nightly.

TxDOT Spending Category Search

See how much TXDOT spends in broad spending categories.

TxDOT Travel Spending Search

Look up TxDOT travel expenditures.

TxDOT's Purchasing Code Search

Drill deeper into TxDOT detailed purchases – right down to the pencils and erasers.

Purchasing Code Search Comments

The items listed are only those with a Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) class and item code — no salaries, travel, right-of-way purchases, highway contractor payments, etc. are included. The TPASS Class and Item code expenditure information represents less than 7 percent of the agency's total expenditures for those periods.

The source of the data is receipts tied to purchase orders from our internal purchasing system.

Contact Information

Stephen Stewart
Texas Department of Transportation
Financial Management Division
Accounting Management Section Director

125 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701-2483
Phone: 512-486-5657
Fax: 512-486-5390

Email Stephen Stewart

Dee Dee Evans
Texas Department of Transportation
Contracts and Purchasing Division
Automated Purchasing System Administrator

125 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701-2483
Phone: 512-486-5488
Fax: 512-633-9053

Email Dee Dee Evans

For general information and media requests related to TxDOT data, please follow the TxDOT open records request process.