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June 27, 2016

Texas Comptroller: Fixing and Expanding Roadway System Can Bring Economic Benefits

(AUSTIN) — Poor roads cost Texans money – and sometimes their lives. Yet transportation infrastructure spending positively affects local and state economies by connecting businesses, customers, goods and services more efficiently, which in turn enhances business expansion and road safety.

In the latest issue of Fiscal Notes, the Comptroller's office continues its examination of Texas road finance by turning to the economic impact of road construction. A Comptroller study indicates that $25 million in road spending in urban areas can add as much as $43 billion to the state economy over time.

"In addition to immediate employment in construction and related industries, road projects yield long-term benefits by improving our productivity and economic competitiveness," Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar said.

Fiscal Notes is an extension of the Comptroller's constitutional responsibilities to monitor the state's economy and estimate state government revenues. It has been published periodically since 1975, featuring in-depth analysis concerning state finances and original research by subject-matter experts in the Comptroller's office.

"As I have continued to say, Texas' diverse and dynamic economy has weathered this downturn in energy prices significantly better than other energy-producing states, meaning we still have the ability to do the fiscally responsible thing and avoid unnecessary borrowing," Hegar said. "Texans know you don't borrow when you don't need to and Texas government should follow the same principle."

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