The Capital Interest Podcast

The Right Number

Season 1 Episode 1October 2019

Texas has a $1.8 trillion economy and 1,800 revenue sources. It’s our job to tell the Texas Legislature exactly how much money will be available in two years. How do you manage the pressure? Well, for one, start early. In our inaugural episode of Capital Interest, hear from the people who do this job every day. They’ll take you through the 86th Legislative session, from presenting the initial estimates and attending committee hearings to certifying the budget.

Episode guests:

  • Glenn Hegar, Texas Comptroller
  • Lisa Craven, Deputy Comptroller and Chief of Staff
  • Tom Currah, Chief Revenue Estimator
  • Nikki Cobb, Director of Legislative Affairs


  • Chris Bryan, Director of Communications and Information Services

About the podcast

The Capital Interest podcast provides an inside perspective on the issues impacting Texans and the economy. Listen in to be a part of the conversation. This podcast is produced by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.