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Strong Military Means a Strong Texas

August 18, 2016

Last fall, I traveled on a Good for Texas Tour, visiting with people from every corner of our state to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of our local economies. This year, I went on the road again.

I've just returned from our Good for Texas Tour: Military Edition, which allowed me to visit nine military bases across the state. As our state's chief financial officer, I made the trip to share the good news about Texas' long-standing commitment to the military, unveiling a study from my office that highlights the profound economic benefits our state derives from hosting these facilities.

It was an enlightening and often moving experience. The military's first and foremost goal is our national security, and I was proud and grateful to meet people who've dedicated their lives to keeping our nation and our institutions safe. And it was easy to see the mutually beneficial relationship between our military installations and nearby communities. The armed services employ thousands of civilian Texans — directly and through contractors — and keep local economies humming with their demand for supplies and services.

Our study found that the 15 major military installations located in Texas generate $136.6 billion in economic activity here each year, and add $81.4 billion to our gross domestic product. They also generate $48.1 billion in personal income annually.

In all, the military helps support more than 800,000 Texas jobs. It's an important part of a strong, diverse and growing Texas economy. Check out the video we produced to see a wrap-up of the tour.

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Thank you for all you do for Texas, and God bless,

Glenn Hegar