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Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

The Broadband Development Office (BDO) has established TAP to provide additional resources to communities that need help addressing their local digital divide. As authorized by the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund, TAP augments local government and community capacities to prepare for forthcoming state and federal funds as well as to identify localized opportunities.

The following services are available to awarded counties:

  • Stakeholder identification and outreach.
  • Asset mapping.
  • Gap analysis/community needs identification.
  • Public-private partnership identification and analysis.
  • Workforce development strategy.
  • Digital opportunities strategy/needs identification. 
  • Network design assessments.

All Texas counties that lack the necessary capacity for broadband planning are eligible to participate. Committee leaders of a county’s Broadband Planning Committee, as recognized by the committee’s certification with the BDO, are eligible to apply. Entities accepted into the program will be given direct access to broadband planning and consulting services at no cost.

TAP participants will not receive funds from the program, nor are they guaranteed future funding in other states or federal grant programs. All services are paid for directly by the BDO. Participation in TAP does not include any grant writing services, either directly or through consulting.

Counties that participate in TAP will exit the program with a County Broadband Plan that provides a comprehensive summary of the relevant data and resource materials developed during the program, as well as the actionable steps the counties can take to achieve their broadband goals.

For a brief summary of each service, visit Technical Assistance Program: What Are the Services that TAP Provides? (PPTX).


  • Only the committee leaders of BDO-certified Broadband Planning Committees may apply to TAP.
  • To become certified, Broadband Planning Committee leaders must submit a Broadband Planning Committee Certification Form to the BDO.
    • The link to the certification form will be available here soon.


  • The application window will open late spring 2024.
  • Committee leaders must submit their county’s application online.
  • Applicants must provide identifying information and a short narrative response (500 words maximum).
  • Only one application will be awarded to any individual county.
  • Awarded applicants will be notified directly of their opportunity to participate in the program.


  • Counties selected to participate in TAP will be assigned to a team of contracted broadband planning and consulting specialists from Cobb, Fendley and Associates.
  • The CobbFendley Team will collaborate with the awarded Broadband Planning Committee to identify which services are necessary to achieve the county’s broadband goals.
  • Services that are selected will be performed by the CobbFendley Team, in collaboration with the local guidance and support of the awarded Broadband Planning Committee and/or stakeholders.
  • Supporting the CobbFendley Team may look like:
    • Facilitating as a local point-of-contact. 
    • Representing the local interests and goals of the county.
    • Facilitating community outreach through localized public communication channels.
    • Providing local insight or information access to any extent necessary and possible.  
    • Providing approval of the local County Broadband Plan.  
    • Attending the presentation of the county’s plan to the BDO.  
    • Reporting the products of TAP to your local communities.


  • Committees that successfully complete TAP will develop a greater understanding of how to bridge the digital divide within their county.
  • Participating counties are encouraged to incorporate the actionable items and resources identified by TAP into their planning and organizing efforts to achieve local community broadband goals.
  • Each Community Broadband Plan that is produced by TAP will be made publicly available to maximize sharing of information, ideas, plans and opportunities currently taking place across the state.


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