Blair | future medical professional

I am Blair. I am active in many activities and clubs including the 4-H club, church, junior high band and the drama club. To prepare for college, I am taking some Pre AP classes because I would like to become a doctor or work in the medical field. Last year for Christmas I got an anatomy set which is helping me learn the different parts of the body. This year I got a model of the human brain. I know it will take many years to study and work hard to realize my dream, but I know that now is the time to start preparing. Next year I will have to focus on all the math and science classes available and keep all of my grades up so that I can earn scholarships.

My dad died of Melanoma cancer, and I would like to be able to find ways to prevent cancer and to treat patients who have it. That would be a dream come true. Receiving this scholarship would help me further my education and fulfill my life’s goal.

Thank you for your consideration.

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