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Award Winners 2017-18

Sixty-two Texas schoolchildren were approved for a Matching Scholarship of tuition units worth up to $1,000 in the program's 2017-18 award cycle. Twelve of the top-ranking applicants were also recognized with an additional scholarship – the Promise Scholarship, which is a one-time grant of tuition units worth $2,000 at today's prices.

Matching Scholarship recipients with a family income of $75,000 or less were awarded a two-to-one match for up to $500 of participant tuition unit purchases during the award cycle. All other scholarship recipients were awarded a one-to-one match for up to $500.

Career Choices

The scholarship application asks students to write about careers that interest them. While the 2017-18 scholarship recipients described a wide variety of future professions – from game warden to robotics engineer – healthcare careers were the most common choices, identified by 16 students (10 girls, six boys), followed closely by architecture or engineering careers, identified by 12 students (three girls and nine boys).

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