Colby | future architect

The career I am most interested in is Architecture. I have always enjoyed drawing and participating in art classes since pre-k. I have been in art class every year and plan on continuing taking art classes. I also enjoy building and creating objects. Architecture isn't just based on drawing and constructing, it also involves math and technology knowledge as well.

The education I am going to need to major in is mechanical engineering, math, and technology. With a degree in mechanical engineering it will not only help me in finding a good job in architecture, I would also like to learn about Dynamic Systems which will also help me understand how solar, wind, and other natural elements can affect buildings, other structures, and constructing them better and more efficiently. With a degree in math it will help me figure out the best dimensions for the building or structure. A degree in technology will help find ways that areas of the building can be improved with technology.

After college I plan on finding a job in an architectural field. Working my way to the top and after I have learned all the details of running a business in architecture, I plan on creating my own business. If I am able to create my own business in manufacturing buildings and other structures, maybe it will help create competition between other companies. If there is a competition between two or more companies one will always strive to be better, which can help push new building ideas and more ways to build faster and quicker. I feel this field will always be needed for the future grows and development for the economy, since we would not only be adding new structures but also job opportunities for our society.

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