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Pathology: The right step for me.

Diana | future pathologist

My dream is to be a Pathologist. I've been fascinated with the study of diseases since I was little; I would love to have a career helping people and trying to cure diseases. I am a successful student and an active participant in my school's Honor Society, and spend most of my free time looking up different diseases that have yet to be cured. I will need plenty of education in the medical field to make sure I have the knowledge that I need to succeed in Pathology. I would love to be accepted into UTSA, and I know I will need 4 years of medical school. The first two will require pre-clinical courses, and the last two will require clinical rotations to get myself familiar to the hospital environment. I am aware that Pathologists are some of the most important doctors in the hospital, and need to have strong attention and patience. I believe I am capable of doing that. If the world didn't have Pathologists we wouldn't know what diseases are, and ways to prevent them. The main reason I would love to be a Pathologist and receive a scholarship is because I love to help people. Pathology is something I see myself doing in the future, and I would really appreciate the chance to go to a great university to get the education I need to be a successful Pathologist in the near future. I believe I could be the one to find a cure for cancer, and would do everything possible to help anyone in need and to be as successful as I can be.

Diana's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.