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Easton's Career as a Structural Engineer

Easton | future engineer

I became interested in engineering as a career because my neighbor is an aeronautical engineer and he is really a cool guy. He designs and refurbishes jet air planes. We have talked many times about his college and career and he also makes a great income.

The college I am interested in attending is Texas A & M University. It has a great engineering program and some of my neighbors have gone there and they have great careers. The future looks good for all areas of engineering, no matter what type of engineering I choose, but I am interested in structural engineering.

I went to the internet and reviewed the web-site where you list your strengths and interests and it showed that I was strong in math and science. That confirms to me that engineering is a good choice for me.

To get an engineering degree I know it will take a masters degree to receive the education I need. That will take five to six years of education. My grandfather said he could help pay for the first four years: but any additional time will depend on me.

I excel in math and sciences. I am currently enrolled in preadvanced placement courses in history, math and science. I have an A's and B's average in all of my courses this year and I am on the honor roll. When I was younger I enjoyed building Legos and the kids in my neighborhood always came to me to help them assemble their Legos that they received for gifts. I really enjoy building and designing structures.

I competed in a science fair project in elementary school using gravitational and centrifugal forces and placed second. It was fun building it and I learned a lot.

The Match the Promise Foundation scholarship would help me achieve my dream of becoming an engineer.

Easton's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.