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My Dog Helped Me Choose My Career

Emily | future veterinarian

As a child, I had always wanted a pet. At the age of 6, I got a goldfish. It was fun at first, but since they don't do anything, I got bored of them and they soon died a few weeks later. At the age of 11, I finally got a pet I could hold onto. Not just any pet, a dog named Marley. Because of my love for animals, I would like to become a veterinarian when I grow up.

While having a pet, we learned so many things. Not just about taking care of Marley, but so much more. I never knew you could love an animal so much. And a dog, unlike a goldfish, can love you back.

I have also learned a sense of responsibility. Not only do I have homework and household chores, but now I also have to feed my dog, clean up after him, take him for a daily walk, and the difficult task of giving him a bath.

In years past when I saw a stray dog, I thought nothing of it. But now since I own Marley, I see it differently. I now think to myself, "What if that were my dog out there?" These poor animals deserve what Marley has, a loving home. By becoming a veterinarian one day, I can offer free services or reduced rates to dog owners who can not afford proper treatment for their pet. I can also start a shelter by taking unwanted dogs, taking care of them, and housing them, for a new owner.

In order for me to become a vet, I must complete my college education. My father took the first steps by opening an account with the Texas Tuition Promise Fund. At this point, I am taking advanced classes in Math and Science. I am currently in National Honor Society. I am not sure which college I will attend, but I will attend college.

A dog can be more than just a pet. My dog Marley is not only family to me, but without saying a word, he taught me a lot. Thanks, Marley.

Emily's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.