Erica | future performer

I'm interested in performing as a career. Performers act either live on stage or in front of a camera, such as the people you see on Broadway and TV, or at your community theatre or local school. They must audition for a role they seek in a production, and then memorize the lines their character has in the script. Although memorizing lines is a big part in a performer's duty, they must also research, study, and become the character they are playing, and attend rehearsals daily. It is important that they are dedicated to the schedule the directors have set, because not only is acting their job which they love; rehearsals prepare them for being in front of an audience and making a scene perfect.

I have been performing since I was six years old, and have loved every single moment. I seize every opportunity to participate in a play, and take theatre as one of my extra-curricular activities in school. These experiences are also how I developed my knowledge about this career.

Speaking of taking theatre in school, those who want to be actors need training and experience. You need to take acting lessons, and PERFORM IN PLAYS. The only way you'll get to perform professionally is if you have experience. You also need to find an agent who can locate jobs for you, because you must audition for a role before you actually get it.

There are many different opportunities for performers, such as being a part of a traveling production, appearing on TV, becoming a theatre teacher, etc. My main objective, however, is to perform on Broadway.

I couldn't imagine pursuing a career that didn't involve theatre. Thank you for reading my essay and I hope I will be considered for the scholarship.

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