Jadyn | future surgeon

We all make many decisions every day. One of the more important choices we will make is what to do with our lives. Everyone chooses different careers for different reasons. I am most interested in entering the medical field.

This would be an excellent place for me, because I enjoy helping and serving others. This Christmas, I was hospitalized for six hours, and in a lot of pain. I loved the way that my doctors took care of me, and I want to do that for others. I took a liking to biology last year, and I am eager to learn more.

To become a doctor, I will need to attend a four-year university. After that, I will have to go to Medical School, and then I will have to complete a residency under a trained physicians watch. Finally, I will need to pass a board exam to become a certified surgeon.

The opportunities for the medical field will remain vast in the future, because there will always be a need for doctors and medical professionals. People will continue to fall ill, so a need for qualified medical professionals will always exist.

I have taken biology in school, and researched biology and medicine outside of my class. Through this I have developed a love of anatomy and biological science. This along with my desire to help people makes the medical field ideal for me.

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