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I, the Forthcoming and Impassioned Cuisinier, Jesse ...

Jesse | future chef

Chef, Cook, Kokken, Cuisinier are all titles which I aspire to obtain in my near future as distributor of culture, hospitality, and feasts. I've been an aspiring chef since I was at least four years old. My father taught me and my family to share and communicate around the table while bonding over a homemade hot meal, and that is what I want to bring to others in my community, as well as being something I truly love to do. I'm well on my way to obtaining the minimum education and training needed for such a profession thanks to my high school's Culinary Arts program, which will allow me to earn the city and state of Texas health code's Food Handling License by the end of this year.

Though minimum education in such a field may be enough for some to obtain the title of Chef, I want to be able to apply skills I hope to acquire from classes for the Culinary Arts from a fine school such as the Culinary Arts Institute of America or Cordon Bleu. Because I also want to run my own restaurant and bar, I know that business and entrepreneurial skills are very important, so I will want to study business and finance as part of my undergraduate degree.

I have done some research in my PACE class (employable skills), and future opportunities are only growing for such a profession. "Overall employment of food and beverage serving and related workers is projected to grow 12 percent from 2010 to 2020 ... ", as stated by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This profession is no small matter in my life, I assure you. My pursuit of knowledge of this field so far has included research for projects, putting together a portfolio and resume, and studying health codes, work ethics, commercial hospitality, kitchen skills, safety skills, bacterias, viruses, anatomy, and the economics of such careers. I truly strive for the title of Cuisinier.

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