Kalkidan | future pediatrician

My interest is to study pediatrics. Pediatrics is a medical study of how to take care of children, babies, and more but I want to focus for on children. Because worldwide there are so many diseases that attack children and I believe it can be preventable and treatable and that is why I would like to study pediatrics.

To be a pediatrician I have to go to pre med school, and then I have to be accepted in to medical school after medical school I have to specialize in pediatrics.

Being a pediatrician is very important. There are many opportunities for this career because children are very important to the future of a society. So because of those hospitals need pediatricians, clinics need pediatricians, international organizations also need pediatrician and so on? The U.S. bureau of labor statistics reported that employment for pediatricians is projected to increase by 22 percent between now and 2018. (www.google.com)

The steps I took to learn about this career was every time I go to the doctor, watch the news, internet connections, watch world news, local news, read magazines, books. Referring to all this makes me strong to study more and get good grades and my studies. So that's the first step I take, is getting good grades.

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