Madison | future paleontologist

Dirt and bones, but not just any bones, catch my eye in many ways. Whether it is dinosaur museums, amusement parks, or even the public library, the fascinating science of paleontology has gripped me since I was seven years old, when we went to Glen Rose Dinosaur Valley State Park.

I never wondered what the world had in store for me or how much effort it took to become a paleontologist until I got an email inviting me to this contest. That is when it finally started to sink in.

I narrowed colleges down until I was stuck with the following to get my Doctorate degree: Yale, the University of Chicago, and Berkeley. I also found the University of Texas A&M. I discovered that I would need to take Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Geology. At these colleges, they have a history of producing great paleontologists. Even though I am in middle school, I can already take high school courses which will be very handy when I write my college application.

The library was my biggest resource because it has both books and internet. I used various websites, like National Geographic, and about five books.

One day I hope to look at the local newspaper and see the words, "Dr. Madison has discovered a new prehistoric species!" I want to make history that will change the world forever. I try not to fantasize, but you could just give me a shovel and I would be on my way to Antarctica, where global warming is melting the ice cap and revealing new species of dinosaurs. Thank you for this opportunity to make my dream come true.

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