Parker | future author

I imagine a bright future for myself. A future in which I will be able to entertain people all around the country and around the world. Since I was young I have enjoyed reading. To me it's not just words on a page, it's like a scene out of a movie. Every word has importance. Some of the authors that have inspired me are Clive Cussler, C. S. Lewis, Jeff Kinney and Mac Barnett. Their books have such great detail. I want to write like that.

I researched a writing career on and These websites gave helpful information. I learned that I should earn a bachelor's degree in English Language Arts. Classes will include creative writing, communications and even media arts. These classes will help me develop ways to organize ideas into books.

Skills needed to be writer include: creativity, independent thinking, attention to detail and communications. I believe that I have what it takes to be a successful writer. I will probably write adventure novels because I enjoy reading that type of book the most.

It is a highly competitive industry and I am ready for the challenge. According to the websites I looked at, the median income for a novelist is $55, 870. There is a 6% expected growth rate between 2010 and 2020. Fortunately I will be able to work from my home which will reduce work-related expenses.

Winning this scholarship will help me succeed in my future. It would be a big blessing for me and my family.

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