Shannon | future band director

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had the joy of music in my life. I have played euphonium since sixth grade and sung in choir since I was in second grade. Last year, I was thrilled to be chosen as one of 85 students to play in the top Wind Symphony in All Region band for which 1600 students tried out. I also sang in the Children's Chorale in 5th grade and received scholarships for private euphonium lessons for the past two years. I have always had a knack with kids and volunteer locally working with regular and special needs children. This is why I have chosen to pursue a career in music education. To narrow my occupation even further, I would like to be a band director. This career interests me because it combines my love of music and my love of children and teaching. I have always looked up to my band directors and learned from their teaching styles. In order to pursue a career as a band director, I need to get a bachelor's degree in music education. My career goal is to be a band director in a school as well as to direct an orchestra or other musical group. I intend to combine my love of music, children and teaching in order to give back to my community they way others have given to me.

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