Tristan | future orthodontist

My name is Tristan. When I grow up, I would like to be an orthodontist. I currently have braces on, and have always been interested in the study of orthodontics. I would like to be an orthodontist because you help children have a better self-esteem once they see their smile after their braces are removed. It is also a relatively low-stress job with a decent salary and very rewarding. Orthodontists analyze and correct dental issues in their patients. Their daily work includes: meeting new patients and analyzing their needs, creating molds of teeth to make and adjust braces and such, checking the progress of patients, giving instructions to orthodontic assistants, and more. To become an orthodontist, you must go through a lot of school. They must hold a bachelor's degree, graduate from a 4-year dental school and receive three years of specialized orthodontic training after completing dental school. You would then need to be licensed by a state licensing board. The orthodontic field has a promising future. Future growth is projected at about 7%-13% each year. I plan on opening my own practice, as opposed to joining an established one. The orthodontic industry shows no signs of slowing down. To learn about what it's like to be an orthodontist, how to become one, etc., I studied on many different websites.

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