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The Steps to Being a Computer Programmer

Cameron | future programmer

I want to be a computer programmer because I love working with computers. I've always loved doing all kinds of things with technology and I'm constantly trying to learn more about programming. Some of the classes I am planning to take on my path towards being a computer programmer are Computer Science AP, Advanced Computer Science, Video Game Design, and 3D Modeling and Animation.

One of the clubs I am involved in is the Technology and Coding Organization. In this club, our goal is to create a project including web design, game design, and many other things to help raise money for charity. It is also a learning experience and we will help each others' knowledge of technology grow throughout the year. I hope to help other people learn what I already know and learn new things myself about different aspects of computer programming.

Since I am at a technology based magnet high school, I have lots of choices of computer classes. I hope that this will be an advantage for me going into college. In college, I will need to get a bachelors degree in computer science. I plan to go to the University of Texas at Austin, one of the top ten colleges for computer science.

I have not yet decided what field of computer programming I want to go into. I will probably want to do something along the lines of game design, like designing mobile apps for smartphones or working for Nintendo to create complex, high-quality, in-depth games. The path I take to get there may change, but my dream will always stay the same: I want to be a computer programmer.

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