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My Career as a Marine Architect

Elias | future marine architect

As I think about my future career, I feel that marine architecture would be a good fit. I enjoy being around the ocean and ships and I am also good in math and sciences; this will help me in marine architecture. Marine architects design the structure and hull of a ship and also design the inside of ships like passenger space and cargo space.

Marine architects need to be skilled in geometry, arithmetic, algebra, calculus, and statistics. Physics and use of technology are also valuable skills. Important qualities for a marine architect include: communication skills, interpersonal skills, math skills, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Marine architecture requires a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.

The job growth for this career over the next ten years is 17%. Marine architects make between $54,000-$115,000 a year. In the United States, Texas employs the most people every year. Other states that hire marine architects include California, Washington, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. According to a 2012 study by maritime transportation economist John C. Martin, the Port of Houston generates more than 1 million jobs into the State of Texas. During 2012, the Port of Houston became the number 1 port in the United States with exports over $110 billion. These findings should encourage more job growth for marine architects.

I researched the internet for some valid sites like the U.S. Bureau of Labor. I researched a few other sites but this one contained most of the information that I needed.

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