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Coaching Swimming & Life Lessons

Emily | future swim coach

Becoming a high school swim coach is the career choice that I believe best suits me. I'm Emily, and when I was little, I was scared of the water yet still knew how to swim and played in a pool. When I was in the 6th grade, a family friend suggested I join a summer swimming league with her kids. After we joined, my dad and I thought we were in over our heads. The practices were hard for me, and I wasn't very good. Later that summer, I fell in love with the sport. I soon joined a year round club team and started to improve a lot in swimming. I continued to improve and I made my school's swimming team. I am now one of the top butterfliers on the girls' team.

My team is also really lucky to have a great coach. My coach could've retired 10 years ago from coaching but decided not to because he loves what he does. I really look up to him in that aspect. I have lots of knowledge and skill about swimming and I would like to share it with future generations. I believe that coaching swimming not only teaches physical fitness and healthy eating, but also installs good work ethics such as always being on time and trying your hardest in everything you do.

In order for me to be a high school swimming coach, I will need to go to a good college and get my bachelor's degree. I will then need to apply at a high school to be a teacher and a coach. I would like for the younger generations to get the experience and knowledge I got. Swimming isn't just a sport, it teaches hard work, teamwork, and lifelong work ethics.

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