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A Career in Zoology

Garrett | future zoologist

My name is Garrett, and I am interested in a career in Zoology. Becoming a zoologist would allow me to work with my two favorite things, animals and science.

Zoologists can do many different jobs, including research, wildlife education and rehabilitation, and being a zookeeper. Zoologists are life scientists, they can work outdoors and they get to hang out with pretty cool animals. Most zoologists work for zoos, universities and state or federal agencies. I personally would love a career researching cures for animal diseases and illnesses.

A person interested in a career in Zoology needs to be serious about their education. A career in zoology requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Some zoologists even have a Ph.D! It is important to have strong math skills as well as an interest in science and biology. I make straight A's in math and science because they are my two favorite subjects.

I have always been interested in animals, but as I get older I am really interested in the science behind biology. It's exciting to find how closely related humans and animals really are! We have an awesome zoo close by that I have visited since I was little. I have also been to Sea World and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. I love to fish and explore the creatures in the ocean on our vacations.

I think a career as a zoologist would be perfect for me. I haven't decided on a college yet, but I know it is essential to be successful as a zoologist. I'm doing really well in school, and I'm on the Math Science Team. I'm also active in church activities, and I currently hold a blue belt in Taekwondo. Thank you for your consideration.

Garrett's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.