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Future Career Plans

Jenna | future counselor

I would like to be a counselor. I chose this career because my favorite thing to do is help people. I love to listen to my friends and try to give them different ways to solve, or help, with an issue. I deal with a challenge every day of my life. I have dyslexia. I learn in a different way than most. What is real easy to some of my friends is not so easy for me. What I have learned from this is to always keep my chin up and work as hard as I need to no matter what. With learning this, I feel that I can help others who might be going through all different kinds of challenges in their lives.

My mom is a school counselor and loves her job. As I listen to her talk about what she does at work, it makes me realize that I would love to do the same kind of thing. A school counselor would be great, and I also would like to get my LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor. Working with children would be my main focus. My ultimate goal is to have my own counseling office.

To become a counselor I know I will need at least four years of college and do an outside internship. This will amount to a lot of money. Receiving a scholarship would help me become closer to my dream. Both of my parents work in the field of education so I realize that a lot of hard work goes into a degree of any sort. I'm willing to put in whatever it takes.

Jenna's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.