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I want to be an OBGYN

Kaysn | future OBGYN

I'm Kaysn. I grew up with two households.

My grades were not very good and I didn't participate in a lot of activities. I didn't think about what my future would be like. It wasn't until my father asked me what I wanted my career to be. I struggled with that question. After I thought long and hard, I decided that I wanted to be a doctor.

I just didn't know what type of doctor. The older I became, the closer my decision came to what type of doctor I wanted to be. I just recently decided that I wanted to be an OBGYN (Obstetrician and Gynecologist). I wanted to help women that were in the process of having a baby. I felt that I wanted to make their pregnancy as healthy and positive as possible. I asked my father what I could do that would help me achieve my goal.

He told me that community service, joining clubs, and making good grades would help a lot. I was also playing sports for the city. The softball team that I played for won third place in the state of Texas and soon became a traveling team. When it became an official travel team, I tried out and made it. The soccer team that I was also currently playing at the time won first place in the city championships.

I continued to play softball and I went to strength and conditioning camp. My grades improved a lot. I participated in cross country and track.

I had such good grades, I was given an invitation to sign-up for the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society). I was accepted. This year, I'm putting my focus on my grades so that I can get into college. I put every class that I could take that had to do with my career on my schedule. I do everything I can to make myself successful. I want to get the best of everything out of life.

I want my career to be where I help women that are in need. I feel that if I can help them in the best way I can, I'm helping them to have best they can during their pregnancy. I want to know that I helped women that were in need of help.

Kaysn's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.