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Doing What I Love Most, Styling

Kourtney | future stylist

Eight years from now, I see myself graduating from college and taking my first steps into the fashion industry. Those first few steps will be shaky of course, but I'll soon gain my footing.

Once my "footing,'' is stable, I see myself doing small, yet important things for the firm, like contacting designers, picking things up from showrooms, and maybe even fetching a coffee or two.

Though soon, I hope to be climbing my way up to the top. I'll have my own office with glass doors and an Aeron Chair. I will fetch someone else to do the things that I once did, and have a manager's plaque next to my dozens of gifts from different designers.

Despite all the perks, I see myself working crazy hours to make sure the client looks impeccable. I see myself literally living off of energy drinks and black coffee. I dream of the nights when I'll sit alone in my office thinking, "I can't do this anymore."

Then, the day will come. Final preparations will be made, and the event will begin. I'll make my way to my front row seat as the first model walks down the runway.

Each model will make their way down the runway, while I'm taking note on each fabric, and how they work together in perfect harmony.

Soon it will hit me, the fact that I, an average girl from Texas put together those looks. It will be I, who puts the designer's pieces together and show people how to wear it. I'll show them the beauty of each of the designer's pieces and make it one.

The paparazzi and the press will take in every last detail for the cover of a magazine. Although my name will be in nearly microscopic letters next to the designer's, it will be I who makes each piece look good enough to be a part of it

The night will soon end with a shower of "congratulation's," at the after party. I will head back to my small, yet overpriced apartment to lay my head down for the night.

Right before my fatigue takes over, I'll think "my hard work really paid off, you did it."

Not before long, the morning sun will soon awake me and the cycle will begin once again; long nights, difficult clients, stress, and many doubts. Though deep down, I know those circumstances will be worth it. The feeling I'll get watching the models walk down the runway will feel indescribable.

Those circumstances will pay off because I'll be around what I love most, fashion.

Doing what I love most, styling.

Kourtney's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.