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Landon | future biomedical engineer

Last year I wrote an essay explaining how I wanted to be a biomedical engineer. This year I still want to pursue this profession. I find it to be very interesting, and would be happy to study in college to earn my degree in this field of work. I have learned that there are many different opportunities for employment in this exciting and growing field.

According to, there are many opportunities for employment. There are several types of companies that employ biomedical engineers. These include hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, the United States Air Force and the Veterans Health Administration. Also companies that do research and development in medical devices use biomedical engineers. Since the U.S. population is aging and needing medical care, future career opportunities will be numerous.

I will need knowledge in math, science, computers, and electronics to be successful. Problem solving skills and being able to see hidden patterns are vital also. Biomedical engineers need integrity, analytical thinking skills, and must be able to pay attention to detail. states that the median income for those entering the field of biomedical engineering is $86,960. The future is very bright for this career. To be competitive I will need a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a good university. I am interested mainly in finding cures for diseases, specifically those that affect children. It would be great to find a cure for cancer or AIDS. With this scholarship I will be able to attend the university of my choice and make tomorrow brighter for many people, both young and old.

Landon's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.