Morgan | future teacher

The dream career for me would be a teacher. I have always wanted to be a teacher because I have always loved making kids happy and want to contribute to their education and future. I want to be a 6th grade Social Studies teacher. I have always loved Social Studies because I love history. The journey you take when learning history is amazing. I have been inspired to be a teacher by my cousin because she is getting her teaching degree. As I was growing up, I stayed with my babysitter, and as I got older I would help her when she was teaching lessons to the younger children. You need a bachelor's degree in education to become a teacher. This degree requires 4 years of college. A type of training I could do is to be a teacher's assistant to learn what teachers do behind the scenes and in the classroom or help at a daycare center to get experience in working with children. "Morgan, I think you could be a great teacher," said my 4th grade teacher. Good teachers are always needed in the world. Some steps I need to take to become a teacher is first to watch my teachers at school and help them with anything they need for me to do for them. Then, I should research what school would be best for me. Next, I can be a student teacher and finally I get my bachelor's degree and become the teacher that I have always wanted to be.

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