Rachel | future meteorologist

I'm Rachel, and I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up. I want to be a meteorologist because weather fascinates me, and I want to learn more about it. Mother Nature does what she wants, and I want to study her! I have wanted to be a meteorologist since I was in the third grade. Before that I was afraid of storms, but now I love them I will even stand out in the rain!

Meteorologists get to be on television to broadcast the news to inform people about what the weather is going to feel like. Some meteorologists get to fly into hurricanes and chase tornados to study them. That sounds AWESOME to me!

The education required to be a meteorologist is a Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology.

Steps I have taken to learn about this career include: making a poster for my school's Career Day and interviewing a television meteorologist. I also studied about weather in school. Then I went to a summer program called College for Kids and took a class called, "When I Grow Up." I studied being a meteorologist and gave a presentation. Everyone loved it!

I will have opportunities for this job in the future when I go to A&M's meteorology program, take classes, and apply for meteorologist jobs. I can't wait to be a meteorologist when I grow up!

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